Saturday, September 13, 2014

First layer of Interior Lime Plaster 8/13/13-10/16/13

Patching and filling voids and where romex runs between bales.

Windows and door at bedroom. Lots of work to curve the plaster into the openings.
Icynene between roof rafters.
Our friends from California visit for Connie's birthday!

Big living room wall!
First layer of plaster in the living room.
Kindra Welch and Virginia Costilla where living room and kitchen come together.
17 ga. stucco mesh forms curves at windows and doors:

The mesh was stapled to the frames, then filled with loose straw to create the curve. 
While some of the crew worked on the first layer of plaster inside, Kate and Virginia were working on the second layer outside.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Exterior Plaster 8/01-8/08/13 Plus Aluminum Standing Seam Roof 8/14-8/19/13

Jamie, Virginia and Connie plastering over mesh at east wall
Jamie and Kindra mixing plaster

These buckets were filled dozens and dozens of times!
Blue water-resistant "felt" waiting for final roof
Roof installation, lengths cut on site
About half way done
The roof is on!
Rain gutters go on

Two men, half day for gutters!

Gutters plus hardi board (yellow) on the section of wall that is not straw bale

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Exterior Plaster / Electricity (7/23-7/29/13)

Kindra mists the clay slip prior to applying the line plaster.

Jamie and Kindra start the lime at the NE corner.

East wall with first layer of plaster.
a long way to go

The first windows are installed

While Clay/Sand/Straw crew is working outside, the electrician installed wiring and boxes.

Switch boxes and receptacles were fixed with stakes and then cobbed in place.
power to ceiling
The interior continues to have the clay slip applied.  The push was to get the outside covered with lime ASAP
This is a good example of the wires and boxes being fixed in place with the clay slip.  

The plaster continues on the outside.  The whole crew applying plaster, including my sister Carolyn!
Virgina, Kindra, Connie, Kate and Carolyn.  I bet Jamie is mixing plaster!
Jamie and Virginia, plastering the NW wall.

Johnny and Jamison installing windows, Kate and Connie plastering the south side.

North wall of living room plastered with windows installed. 

Tutorial on installing 17 ga. stucco mesh between 1st and 2nd layers of lime plaster.  Because my house is in a wind storm area near the Gulf the mesh is part of the structural package.

4" overlap at all vertical joins.

Connie attaching mesh.